Hi, I am Kuunjal Paal

Your reliable and trustworthy relationship coach welcoming you to take a step forward to transform your personal & professional relationships.

Handle with care.

Relationships are like birds, soft & tender; if you hold them too tight they may die & if you let them loose they may fly away. Handle them with love & care they will stay forever.

Invest in yourself.

The biggest lesson I received after I lost my parents is that you are your own leader. It’s only you who has to take the action & invest in yourself to move ahead in life.

Be intentional.

Intentions are the most important part of any relationships. The intentions decide the time, deepening & trustworthiness of a relationship. Hold it with affection, goodness & selflessness.

How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you – by Kuunjal Paal 

Client speaks

Kuunjal is a thorough professional, in this 1-hour session she was able to ask me the right questions and with proper articulation, she was able to get to the pain of my problems & challenges in my career. She was also able to provide me honest insights and better direction that I feel have a significant positive impact on my career and potential next steps that I will take. I strongly recommend getting in touch with this fantastic Relationship coach and letting her help you bring a positive change to your mindset and professional life.

Nikhil Kelkar

Sales & Marketing Professional, ANSYS, Inc. (Paris)

Kuunjal is someone who is persistent, expressive, believes and speaks her mind. She is hardworking and very easy to talk to and gives honest and constructive/ reflective feedback or solutions. I admire for her warmth, love and care she brings in. She has coached me on some valuable things in terms of work. She has been a motivator and very positive person. Really appreciate her for her kindness.

Chintan Shah

CEO, Propack Technologies (Mumbai)

Very friendly and a wonderful coach to have. Not seen positive person like her. I always look up to her on my low days and to see what she has achieved makes me proud.

Wendell Annunciation

Human Resource Professional , GMG (Dubai)

Kuunjal is a very strong, fearless person, who loves spreading love and positivity. She definitely has added value in my life by being there for me when I needed her, spreading positive thoughts when I was low. There is so much to learn from her positive attitude.  

Pooja Kamble

Homemaker, (Pune)

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Frequently asked questions

What do you mean by coaching and what is its purpose?

As per the International Coaching Federation (ICF), coaching simply means “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

At Win at Relationships by Kuunjal Paal, coaching is a collaborative process where we focus more on asking powerful and right questions, deep and effective listening as well as reflection, connecting to the inner brilliance and discovering a unique path. The process is not about solving problems as we find people intelligent enough to solve them on their own but rather about carving a transformation and a breakthrough in the coachees relationship area with an individual.

A core belief here is that everyone holds a potential to solve their problems. All you need is a reliable & trained person to help you untap that potential.

What does a coach do?

A coach is an expert in setting and achieving goals. These goals can be both personal and professional. Usually, this process takes place in the 1 on 1 sessions between the coach and the coachee or group sessions. A coach helps in asking the right and important questions around a situation or a problem in order to get to a better place from there. 

What does a coach ‘NOT’ do?
  • A coach chooses to be a good listener and work accordingly on every detail instead of advising on a surface level.
  • A coach is never a rescuer rather a guide.
  • A coach doesn’t involve himself or herself in the client’s problems.
  • A coach doesn’t label or set any kind of agenda for the client.
  • A coach is never judgemental.
  • A coach never dictates about time or solution of a coachee’s journey.
What is the difference between coaching, therapy, consulting and counselling?

Therapy is about working on past experiences, psychology of the problem and feelings. Coaching is about the present moment, goals, actions and moving forward. Coaching is not therapy. Coaches are not therapists rather a guide or a teacher.

Consulting on the other hand is receiving answers to your questions. Lastly, counselling is a bit similar to therapy. Working on your past experiences and healing is the main focus here.

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching is a personal service to improve your day-to-day relationships including personal and professional ones. You receive guidance and end up making wiser decisions for the future. Relationship coaching is very action oriented, resourceful and helps in living a fulfilled life.

Why should you have a relationship coach in your life?

Relationships are a big part of our lives. We are constantly surrounded by people and people help us be who we want to be. Maintaining those relationships hence becomes very important too. As all of us hold infinite potential to have healthy relationships, a relationship coach helps you untap that potential within you.

  • A relationship coach makes you aware about your strength and weaknesses. The professional helps you with regards to consistent execution.
  • A relationship coach helps you unlock your best self.
  • A relationship coach brings you clarity and aligns you with the right goals, energy, motivation, joy, success and fulfilment in your relationships.

A relationship coach harnesses a growth mindset and help you adapt the same.

How do I know if coaching is for me?

If you are anyone from the following, then the coaching is for you:

  • People who want to bring change in their relationships.
  • People who want to develop their personal and professional relationships while decreasing their relationship stress levels.
  • People who find it tough to deal with certain people, especially at workplace.
  • People who feel stuck or left out and want to gain back their hope and gather strength to move forward.
  • People who are willing to lead a happier life with healthy relationships.
Why do organisations need a relationship coach?

Business is not just about buying and selling but rather it is about maintaining a relationship with the buyers, partners, teammates and so on. People take the business ahead and therefore people are the most important resource for a business. A relationship coach helps an organisation achieve their full potential in leading their team, maintaining harmony, empowering people and maintaining peace.

What is group coaching?

Group coaching is basically where different individuals with a similar purpose come together to form better relationships among each other. All of them discover themselves throughout the process and learn the importance of a team and unity. But it is also important to note that each of them discovers their own list of goals and challenges ahead.

How can I book a coaching session with Kuunjal Paal?

In order to book a coaching session with Kuunjal Paal, you can simply fix your step forward call by clicking here.

What type of relationships do Kuunjal Paal coach on?

Ms. Kuunjal Paal coaches on every kind of relationship instead of just romantic relationships. You can receive coaching for a father-daughter relationship, a boss-employee relationship, a friend, sibling, mother or simply anything. Jotting it in short, she focuses on both personal and professional relationships.

How can you invite Kuunjal Paal to be a speaker at an event?

If you want to have Kuunjal Paal as a speaker at any event, simply reach out to us at contact@winatrelationshipsbykuunjalpaal.com or you can fill the contact form. You will get a response within 48 to 72 hours.