Are online dating app romances real?

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Posted on 5 January 2023

‘Online’ is the new future. With the rapid increase in the number of online users today, every area of life is being presented in some form of application. There is fitness, food, finance, music, movies, marriage, dating and literally everything. Dating, especially online dating, out of all is being debated over the world for very mixed results.

Do people really get serious online or is it just a fling for everyone today? Furthermore, is it a short-term habit or hobby that this generation has? Or do two people who met virtually actually decide to come together and live their ‘happily ever after’. Although this largely depends on the personal traits, mutual understanding and bonding of the individuals, there is something very important to know about online dating app romances. Keeping it completely raw and real, below are the points to note when it comes to the reality of online dating app romances:

Most of it is superficial

Yes, you read that right. Until anyone or both of them decide to take it in the real world, no matter the promises and good talks, it is superficial. It is very likely that the person texts the same to other people or is just looking for some ‘zone out’ due to a bad time. Many men and women go online when they are not satisfied enough with their real-world people or experience chaos. ‘Loneliness’ is the top reason for more than 50% of dating app users to join the application today. This in turn brings to the results like moving on from the person when healed.

Clarity is a cliffhanger

Most of the online conversations between online couples or dates leave them in confusion. In confusion whether the other person is actually interested or whether the other person is serious and so on. Unless and until you get real, you never really know. There is always that 1 to 5% of doubt at the back of your mind thinking continuously.

It is a lottery scenario

Although the world is evolving at a very fast rate currently, meeting a great online date is a ‘luck by chance’ scene. You find 1 out of 10 people that somehow get you and want to take things further with you as much as you want to. Most of the people are stopping for a phase or mere an exploration.

But the good news is, it is not completely online

There are people who think of meeting casually in reality and get serious or have mutual feelings immediately. There are people who have met online, married and have kids today. There are people who never received a betrayal from an online date. With more open-mindedness, the ‘online generation’ is also very open about what they want and what they are looking for. Most of them choose to clear it either through words or a series of actions. So stay alert, explore, try once, but always remember, it is never the final destination. ‘Real world’ is always the final place to be.