Take a step forward in your relationships

What is a step forward call?

The step-forward call is where you will connect with the coach for 30 minutes and explain your situation along with the issues you are facing. Please note that a step-forward call is not a coaching session. Instead, it is just for the basic understanding of the issue and the relationship goal that client wants to achieve. Coachee will also get to know about the details of the coaching process.

Pre-step forward call.

The pre-step forward is basically where you have to fill the Google form sent to you by the ‘Win at Relationships by Kuunjal Paal’ team via email. This form consists of a list of questions including a few personal details that you have to answer. If there is no Google form received or your response is not detailed then you may face a cancellation of further steps. Lastly, you will receive a confirmation mail with a meeting link if your appointment is fixed.

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What is the purpose of the step forward call and why is it important?

Relationships are very delicate and personal matters. Relationship coaching is even more personal as you share all the details of a bonding to take it to the next level and resolve all the conflicts. Therefore, it is very important to know the problem in depth, expectations from the coaching sessions and the goals that a coachee wants to achieve.

It is very important to note that the step forward call is not the following: A free coaching session; The first step of a coaching program or session or a leisure time between a coach and a coachee.

How does this work?

Step-forward call

Book your 30 minute step forward call and fill out a google form sent by us.


This is a virtual for us to understand the problem or situation you are facing. 


An agreement will take place between the coach and coachee.


The journey of your relationship transformation will now begin.