Can a person be happy on his or her own?

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Posted on 9 January 2023

A very spiritual and deep title. A very thought-provoking one too. Is it practical? Can we all be happy on our own? Or do we need something or someone constantly or at least every now and then to be happy? A quick answer to the above lines is ‘being unaware of the words: self-love and self-satisfaction’.

But the question puts us on a wider perspective of whether a person can ever really be happy being disconnected with what or whoever is around and just connected to the inner space. Can a person ever find pleasure in solace? Can a person for even a day or a minute understand happiness in own self?

It truly depends on a lot of factors. Individuals with past traumas constantly need someone or something to uplift themselves as they are yet to be healed. Individuals with poor health conditions seek support and love. Individuals with low self-esteem look for confident beings to make themselves feel much better about their future and their list of connections. It also depends on personality types like introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts.

Extroverts being the most outgoing personality, need people to be there. They enjoy festivals, hangouts, gigs, and other public events more than solace and solitary. To make it short, it is a dependent question but here’s what you can do to find happiness in your self:

Practice Self Love

Often in this fast-paced world, we neglect and forget several things. Things like loving our parents, spending time with our siblings, calling out our friends, and sometimes, loving our selves. Practicing self-love can help you find happiness in your self. Yes, it is possible.

Be real to yourself, go on self-dates, watch some interesting movies just with yourself, start analyzing things about yourself, go for self-acceptance, realize your flaws yet feel good about them, and so on. All of these factors together combine to create an individual who is never dependent on other individuals to find happiness. You will slowly start finding peace and love within yourself.

Be Grateful and Positive

Negative self-talk is the most common reason for feeling sad about oneself or being lonely. People experience FOMO (fear of missing out) only because of doubtful and negative self-talk like “Am I missing out on myself just because I am not out partying or chilling?”. Similar questions arise due to social media platforms where people post stories and pictures of them chilling but the reality is you can stay happy being at home as well. Happiness is created not found.

They help you solve a conflict in the best possible way
Conflicts are very common in business ventures. With so many opinions and perspectives around, it is very natural for conflicts to occur. One wrong move in a heated argument can ruin several good accomplishments, memories, and most importantly, ‘the image’ of a business firm. As businesses work largely on reputation, it is important to maintain and manage the best reputation to get ahead.

Start working on your Self-Esteem

On average, 90 out of 100 people have low self-confidence. Not all of us experience success in everything or most of the things we do but all of us have experienced failure multiple times. While failure is just a lesson and time for you to recheck everything, some people think it’s the end and start seeking validation from others. Remember, being confident is not just about being sure of success, but of your self and happiness despite failures.