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About Win at Relationships

Relationships are one of the most integral areas of our lives. They form the crust of our emotional and mental well-being. But just like two sides of a coin, they also bring mental stress and exhaustion if not managed well. Your loved ones need your time and attention. Your friends need your time and attention. Your colleagues need your time and attention and in fact, even you need them back. But it is so difficult to manage and take out enough time to take wise actions towards our relationships. To take actions that help us form healthy relationships. To take actions that brings you closer to your connections.

All of us will one day move to our deathbeds and the only thing that will matter at that time would be the relationships and memories you created throughout life with them. You may also feel regretful towards the opportunities you didn’t take or situations you didn’t manage well. You will ask yourself whether you have been happier or not.

Win at Relationships (WAR) is an initiative by Kuunjal Paal to help individuals find their obstacles in a relationship whether it’s personal or professional and set goals to make it better. A fascinating thing about the acronym WAR is that it represents the battlefield war and the warriors present in it. A warrior is very definite, brave, skilled, guided and clear about his goals. Just like how a warrior is determined to fight and survive after a huge incarnation of teachings and guidance, Kuunjal Paal aims to coach individuals & organizations for their relationships. It is an initiative to help people carve their ability to deal with situations and people in a much better way. It is an initiative to help them discover happiness, freedom and fulfilment in their life. It is a medium to win at relationships.

Our core values


We partner with the clients to set real, practical and sensible personal/ professional relationship goals for the client’s best progress.


We are affectionate towards our clients and make sure to provide comfort for them to be completely open and honest with us.


We at ‘Win at Relationships by Kuunjal Paal’ aims to maintain the confidentiality and reliability of a client.


We are here for you with strength and confidence while you move forward with your goals in your relationships.


Integrity in simpler terms means honesty. We treat our clients with sincerity and truthfulness.


We aim to make sure that the client remains positive and sees the positive aspect of the situation as well. Positive Belief is one of the core foundations here.


We know that being understanding and non-judgemental creates trust and respect. Hence, we ensure this is a safe space for our clients.

About the founder

About Kuunjal Paal

Relationships are our strength in the society. They help us balance our emotional health, mental health, psychological stress and so much more. Being social animals, we constantly need people to move ahead. We need people to help us gather ourselves in the time of crisis, love ourselves in the time of imbalance and uplift ourselves to move ahead.

An old folklore stating a conversation between a tea maker and it’s student is very popular when it comes to talking about people and our connection. It goes like, “when you make a tea, you think you made it yourself but the wider reality is that it was made by several others too. Someone first grew the tea leaves in a field and someone else pruned them. Another person went ahead to pack them while a group of people milked the cow and pressed the sugarcanes to produce sugar. When added together in the right proportions we get our beautiful tea.” Similarly, each one of us needs each one of us to create a beautiful life.

Kuunjal’s better handling in terms of relationships is a skill inherited from her loving parents. She was born in a small middle-class family of Mumbai yet very hugely loving, caring and supporting. Ever since her childhood, Kuunjal Paal saw her parents make efforts towards each other to keep the spark alive. This in turn helped her achieve a better relationship with everyone around her. Be it her friends, siblings, cousins, colleagues, neighbours and others. Her value driven upbringing by her parents while keeping her away from the struggles of life brought a lot of zest and warmth to Kuunjal’s overall personality.

Her parents always believed that Kuunjal was meant for a greater purpose. Not just because they were her parents but because of her great creativity, understanding and emotional intelligence skills. She carried a learning and curious attitude towards different areas of her life. Although it was very smooth sailing for Kuunjal around her family, she too, like all of us had her own insecurities. This was a bug tooth that built a lot of embarrassment in her and eventually anxiety. But with courage, she decided to speak about it. This was where she started recognizing herself as a confident being as her mom helped her fight the bullies and stand up for herself.

Kuunjal’s extrovert, strong, spiritual, lively and bold mother has always been an inspiration for her. On the other hand, even her father helped her become a creative, lively, kind and loving soul. Throughout their lifetimes, both of them helped several souls which Kuunjal found very admiring and received as a personality trait too. But as people say, no tough champion comes from an easy life; Kuunjal’s father had his own early life struggles which taught him to remain kind towards everyone.

Even Kuunjal had seen tough times in her love relationships. Although she always saw happy and lasting marriages in her family, Kuunjal had an alternate route in her own. The very first relationship gave her a heart-breaking experience of betrayal. But on the brighter side, she received her lessons to share.

The reason of being a ‘Relationship Coach’ in general for Kuunjal is to share those lessons and not let anyone else face the same. A person always shows a red flag before the betrayal and you should never ignore them. Her love life had its own struggles but Kuunjal was always determined to see the brighter side of the picture. She never lost her hope in sharing her life with someone and took the decision of marrying ahead. Kuunjal’s marriage took place through an introduction of a mutual friend to her husband. It was all good until the marriage as Kuunjal started experiencing different colours of this person. But Kuunjal tried her best to make the ends meet. Her final stand for herself was taken after a painfully breaking incident of domestic violence.

What made Kuunjal stand for herself at that moment was an award two days ago before the incident that was rewarded for her take for the mental health community which is today known as ‘DIVA Uplifting Women’. She was presented with this award by prestigious people in front of the greats. She knew her worth and she believes that no one should live in an environment full of toxicity, disrespect and violence. Kuunjal immediately took a step for herself and fought for days and months fiercely. Despite a lot of mental trauma and stress, Kuunjal never left her positivity and hope. But life had other plans. Kuunjal faced a depressive episode for more than 6 months when her father passed in early 2022. She felt lost, broken and didn’t know what to do next. It was her biggest loss after losing her mother when she was 21.

‘Tough times make tough people’ and Kuunjal is a huge epitome of the quote. Forgiving the person and letting the karma decide for it, Kuunjal came forward to restart her life with freshness, gratitude for the lessons and dedication. She started finding herself through different activities like reading books, learning latin dance, travelling and more. Her soul-searching and self-discovery turned her into an even stronger person and made her decide upon her career further.

Being a Certified Relationship Coach, Kuunjal Paal has done several charity events, collaborated with big brands and won nation-wide award by Business Mint for her 11K women community on Facebook (Diva Uplifting Women). She is strong, independent and extremely focused living in Mumbai today. Furthermore, she has also had an excellent career of more than 11 years of experience in the Human Resources field with the post graduation in same. Throughout her professional career, she was able to win hearts at all organizations with her hard work, approachable personality, problem-solving and caring nature.

Not a lot of people know that Kuunjal Paal follows the principles of the Bhagavad Gita. Her teachings are often based on it and even her life reflects around the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. With the aim of serving as many people as possible through her skills, experience and story, she humbly wants to pursue helping, motivating and uplifting people.

For a relationship to flourish, Kuunjal knows that you need to take wise actions in order to form a joyful and long-lasting relationship. A relationship coach helps you in bringing your full potential on the surface to become a better friend, husband, wife, brother, manager or more importantly a better human being. Hereby, Kuunjal Paal humbly welcomes you to take enlightening steps towards you and your relationships.

Unlike a space of just romantic relationships, Kuunjal Paal talks about every kind of relationship and helps you deal with it. She provides a much larger and wider platform to share, grow and receive guidance and direction from her years of experience and expertise. With her experience and skills, you are definite to thrive in your connections.


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