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Individual Coaching

This service is for any relationship issue (Loneliness, handling conflict, communication etc.), in short you want to create a best self-life. When you are functioning from a place of clarity, strength, and vision you are able to craft a life that supports who you truly are.

Singles Coaching

Singles today are challenged to find lasting relationships. In this phase of Singles Coaching, we will develop a step-by-step approach to finding your life partner and also help you embrace your singlehood.

Couples Coaching

Couples (whether married or not or just newly married) who want to restore the balance in their relationship and bring it back on track should look into Couples coaching.

Pre-marriage Coaching

Couples who are thinking about becoming engaged, are engaged, or thinking about moving in together can get a clarity about their relationship big-picture as well as set the proper expectations to navigate through this major life change. It will also help to discover their compatibilities, potential fears, and triggers.

Post-Divorce / Break-up Coaching

Breakups and divorce are challenging for most people and everyone’s breakup and divorce experience is different. There is life after divorce and you will get through this! You don’t need to go through it alone and that’s where we can help you to build a robust supportive framework that fully supports you to heal from the past and look forward for a wonderful new life full of opportunity.

Grief Coaching

If you don’t face the grief, it can chase you into depression, addiction, etc. It chases you until you become friends with it. Many questions arise during the grief phase – What is the purpose of life? What is the reason for living? Or why is there so much suffering? Grief coaching will help you to first accept & acknowledge the reality of the loss and help you gain new perspective of grief, which will help you to move from grief to gratitude & find purpose after loss.

Professional relationships

Work Relationship Coaching

It helps build deeper relationships and connections amongst colleagues. Productive organizations require effective work relationships. Work relationship coaching can include workplace relationships such as manager to employee, peer to peer, between work divisions, between teams, as well as clients and vendor relationships.

(Group members don’t necessarily need to work together but will come together with a common shared goals/ interest)

Individual or Group Work Relationship Coaching will help:

  1. Promote strategic thinking;
  2. Increase team work skills, problem solving skills;
  3. Build deep connections amongst the team;
  4. Build self-aware about their goals, rapport building and communication skills.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching can be delivered on an individual basis, or as part of a group coaching programme, where leaders with similar goals/objectives are coached together. As the coach unlocks enhanced capabilities and performance from your leaders, the organisation too shall benefit.

Leadership Coaching will help in:

  1. Handling work relationships and empowering the team;
  2. Understanding their own potential and strengths;
  3. Practicing positive habits of self-reflection;
  4. Developing new skills.